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+3 Adam Karrer · September 15, 2014
Hey guys, I was thinking it'd be cool to do some kind of community project. Maybe a video game or some sort of software or something. What do you guys think?

I think a video game would be cool since not everyone on here is a programmer. If we have any graphic designers or sound people then they could chip in as well.

I would prefer it to be Java or Python, since those are the languages I'm most comfortable with, but I'm sure I could manage C or C++.

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+1 Gary Murphy · September 15, 2014
I think Hidajet was wanting to start something.  I'd be pretty keen, but am flat out getting ready for next year.
+1 Adam Karrer · September 16, 2014
It seems more like website stuff for that project. I'd like to come up with something a little less "beginner" and more software related. Whether it's a video game or just a cool program that we can all work on. :)
+1 George Williams · September 16, 2014
I think this would be pretty cool... of course I I probably can't pitch in with the game since I haven't ever done one but I'm sure I can find something to do :) tell me when if you're gonna do it
+1 Barik Yusif · April 18, 2016
I am in hoss lets start developing
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