Any recommended books on Ruby?

+1 Cameron Reuss · September 13, 2014
Hey, you read the title! I have been studying Ruby on and I like it a lot so I would like to learn Ruby more by purchasing a good textbook. Shoot the advice here!

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+1 George Williams · September 14, 2014
-1 Cameron Reuss · September 15, 2014
Thank you guys! Will be definitely gonna read both of those!
-4 Jack Thies · November 20, 2014
0 Kaisar U4itel · December 3, 2014
Beginning Ruby
Eloquent Ruby
0 Jragon Chan · December 5, 2014

Honestly, this is the only book you will ever need. It's also quite fun to read and free :)
0 Carl Bales · December 12, 2014
Agile Web Development with Rails 4 is the best RoR book I've found so far.
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