Hey guys I really need some help on the Stock Market Analyzer. My data will not download as new .txt files and I have no idea why, this is even after looking at Bucky's source code. I am running this project from XAMPP and have created a directory on the server called "txtFiles" I have created a main function to send the looped files there as instructed. Yet it still shows up blank in my txtFiles folder. I have no idea why this is. Please help, here is the path that the txtFiles folder is in --> file:///C:/xampp/htdocs/stock_mrkt/txtFiles/ and here is my code.


function createURL($ticker){
    $currentMonth = date("n");
    $currentMonth = $currentMonth - 1;
    $currentDay = date("j");
    $currentYear = date("Y");

    return "http://real-chart.finance.yahoo.com/table.csv?s=$ticker&a=08&b=01&c=2014&d=$currentMonth&e=$currentDay&f=$currentYear&g=d&ignore=.csv";

function getCSVFile($url, $outputFile){
    $content = file_get_contents($url);
    $content = str_replace("Date,Open,High,Low,Close,Volume,Adj Close", "", $content);
    $content = trim($content);
    file_put_contents($outputFile, $content);

function fileToDatabase($txtFile, $tableName){
    $file = fopen($txtFile, "r");
        $line = fgets($file);
        $pieces = explode(",", $line);

        $date = $pieces[0];
        $open = $pieces[1];
        $high = $pieces[2];
        $low = $pieces[3];
        $close = $pieces[4];
        $volume= $pieces[5];
        $amount_change = $close-$open;
        $percent_change = ($amount_change/$open)*100;

        $sql="SELECT * FROM $tableName";
        $result =mysql_query($sql);

            $sql2 = "CREATE TABLE $tableName(date DATE, PRIMARY KEY(date), open FLOAT, high FLOAT, low FLOAT, close FLOAT, volume INT, amount_change FLOAT, percent_change FLOAT)";

        $sql3 ="INSERT INTO $tableName(date, open, high, low, close, volume, amount_change, percent_change) VALUES ('$date','$open','$high','$low','$close','$volume','$amount_change','$percent_change')";



function main(){
    $mainTickerFile = fopen("tickerMaster.txt", "r");
    while (!feof($mainTickerFile)){
        $companyTicker = fgets($mainTickerFile);
        $companyTicker = trim($companyTicker);

        $fileURL = createURL($companyTicker);
        $companyTxtFile = "txtFiles/",$companyTicker,".txt";
        getCSVFile($fileURL, $companyTxtFile);
        fileToDatabase($companyTxtFile, $companyTicker);