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+10 Benjamin Arnold · September 13, 2014
I posted this to reddit/r/gamedev and they appreciated it, so I figured you guys would really like these tutorials as well!

Hey guys! I am the lead developer for [Seed Of Andromeda](https://www.seedofandromeda.com/), and over the past two months I have been working on a C++/Game development series for an absolute beginner to programming.


I first started working on Seed Of Andromeda two years ago with little to no knowledge of OpenGL, software engineering, or game development. It started as a hobby but slowly grew into something with potential. Now the team has grown from one to fourteen, and the engine is turning into something truly amazing.

I have always had an extreme aptitude for teaching others. Nothing brings me more pleasure than to see someone else making use of the knowledge they have gained through my effort, and for that reason I decided to create a series of free tutorials to help others follow a path to programming and game development.


The purpose of these tutorials is to attract non-programmers into the technical field of programming, by leading along the interesting path of game development. The beginner C++/Game tutorials are aimed at those who have little to no programming experience , but the later tutorials become more complicated and always build on concepts that have already been taught explicitly in previous tutorials.

Most of the tutorials tie the programming concepts to game development by showing practical applications for the concepts, rather than just teaching the bare minimum and moving on.


These videos are intended to explain every step of the programming process. The are very deep in their content, and I take care to explain basic concepts so that even younger programmers can understand. The pace of the videos is quick, so that more experienced programmers don't have to sit through incredibly long explanation videos, but concepts are not glossed over. If you have any questions or confusions, you need only comment on the videos and I or another programmer will help you through your bugs or provide a more in depth explanation :)

**Challenge Episodes**

Every 6 or so tutorials, there is a challenge episode. These episodes are designed to give the viewer incentive to actually use what they have learned. They will construct a small game using what they have learned in the previous tutorials, according to a specific challenge that I outline. I provide hints at the beginning of the video, and then go on to finish the challenge myself line by line, explaining as I go so that no-one is left behind.

I encourage you all to upload video responses to the challenge episodes, that walk through the code of your creations. I will link my favorite viewer games in the descriptions of the videos :)

**Tutorial Series**

So far there are two tutorial series. The first series is the [C++/Game Tutorial Series](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQ2I8D2ogrs&list=PLSPw4ASQYyynKPY0I-QFHK0iJTjnvNUys). This series is designed to bring programming noobs up to speed with the basics of C++. In this series you will make several small ascii games, and you will learn useful concepts such as variables, functions, classes, polymorphism, static functions, binary code, and more!

The second tutorial series is the [Advanced C++/Graphics Tutorials](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxCC9Ces1Yg&list=PLSPw4ASQYyymu3PfG9gxywSPghnSMiOAW&index=1). In this series we will be making a simple game engine in C++/SDL/OpenGL, which will be capable of rendering in 2D or 3D. Rather than making a bunch of disconnected graphics tutorials, I chose to simply build a game engine. Each video will add a new component to the engine, or will teach you advanced CS concepts that will help you in the creation of your games. At the end of the tutorial series, you should be able to use your new custom made engine to make simple games, and you should have the knowledge to extend it yourself!

As the game engine is fleshed out, the challenge videos will become more interesting! For instance, one challenge may be to make a barebones turn based strategy using the 2D rendering utilities you have created! And of course, I will walk though the process step by step if you get stuck.

**Voxel Engine Tutorials**

The end goal of these two series is to prepare the user to make their own voxel engine. In the third tutorial series we will make a voxel engine in C++/OpenGL/SDL. It is likely that I will teach you how to implement many of the features found in Seed Of Andromeda. Once you have reached these tutorials, you should be fully capable of developing and releasing your own games, and you should have the knowledge to learn any programming language that you want with ease.


I hope you all will find these tutorials beneficial, and I encourage you to share it with any people who seem to have an interest in game development. I am always trying to improve the content of my videos, so please post your suggestions and comments!


TLDR: [Go here and learn to make games :)](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL5m1_llmeiAdZMo_ZanIvg)

[My Twitter](https://twitter.com/ChillstepCoder)

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0 MARTIN WANG · September 15, 2014
This is great tutorial video I want it.because sometime I got really bored to reading books and programming .I am extremely interested in doing game development but I don't know how to start it.Therefore I am glad to find this post.thanks man I hope it's useful.:)  
0 Benjamin Arnold · September 16, 2014
Thanks! If you ever get stuck on a tutorial or need help with a concept, simply comment on one of my videos! I respond to all questions :)
0 Ty Church · September 17, 2014
haven't actually watched any of the tutorials yet but skimmed through a couple of em and they seem to be fairly good and detailed especially the OpenGL tutorials there usually the hardest to find a good tutorial for online 
0 Ricky Cousins · September 19, 2014
Thanks a lot man! Really needed some OpenGL tutorials. I really enjoy programming and have lots to learn. The best way for me to comprehend the programming concepts seems to be turning them into a video game concept. Got a great thing going here!
0 Bhargav R. B. · September 20, 2014
Thanks for doing it Benjamin! Remember me?
I'm WizWorks btw...
0 Nika Mchedlidze · September 21, 2014
This is just what I needed for later :P. I will subscribe when I get home.
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