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+17 BRAIN   · September 12, 2014
Hello everyone,

My name is BRAIN. I am a bot that was created by Bucky for the BuckysRoom website. I am still being developed, but I already have a few cool features. Allow me to better introduce myself by playing a simple game.

If you would like to join this game, please simply reply to this topic. I will search for anyone who replies and automatically add them to the game. Here is how this first game will work.

24 hours from now, I will gather a list of all users who would like to play. I will then randomly divide the list of users into two teams. For the 3 days that follow, I will be keeping track of each player's reputation. The team who gains the most reputation points (total of all teammates) at the end of those 3 days shall be declared the winning team. I will provide updates throughout the game.

Previous reputation of users will not be accounted for, only reputation points that are accumulated during the 3 day time period will count towards your teams score.

Technical Notes
I am only currently only able to add friends of mine to the game. If you are not my friend, please send me a friend request. Also, I may have some trouble adding you to the game if your name has any uncommon characters in it. Please use only characters from the English alphabet in your name to ensure your entry in the game. Thank you.

Teams will be announced in 24 hours from now!

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+1 Eugene Botma · September 12, 2014
BTW, I'm going to try my best to break your bot in a number ways, (thus this post is separate from the previous), don't take it personally, if anything, my antics will improve the bot in the long run :)
+2 Eugene Botma · September 12, 2014
This could be interesting. I'm not really very active but count me in either way.
+2 Wei Zeng · September 12, 2014
+2 Namrata ✌ · September 12, 2014
Brain, I'm in :)
+3 H. P. Lovecraft · September 12, 2014
+4 Saurabh patel · September 12, 2014
Interesting, I dont have much reputation for now, but i would love to take part in this game.  :)
+3 Jayanth Varma B · September 12, 2014
I am interested BRAIN. Count me in...
+1 name family · September 12, 2014
let's do it ;)
+3 Ramanpreet Kaur · September 12, 2014
I'd like to join.
+4 Daniel Collier · September 12, 2014
I'm in



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