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+2 Alekro A · September 11, 2014
Hei guys!
I was just wondering are Buckys C++ tutorials on youtube out-dated?
If so are they still useful to watch
Thanks everyone >)

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+2 M .A.K · September 11, 2014
I replied to almost same question about java yesterday.... ;)

sir ,I most mention this: almost all of bucky's programming videos can't be outdated they are about languages basics and almost always (except python:D) new updates about a language does n't mean that it radically changes those stuff, it's just some new features added to the language and a newcomer can easily ignore them and later he/she (when got enough about basics) can learn those features by him/her self.

so buckys videos => Yip! recommended.
+1 Alekro A · September 11, 2014
Thanks man! :)
+3 Glenn Walker · September 13, 2014
I strongly disagree with the last poster.  I have been taking a C++ class at Oregon State and the tutorials go a very, very long way to explaining all of the code and code usage that never seems to be adequately explained in the class.  And the tutorials are strongly recommended by many instructors in many CS programs.

As for being outdated I am curious as to how that can be, since C++ has changed very little over the course of time.  Perhaps you might explain how it is outdated. 
+1 Glenn Walker · September 20, 2014
That is true.  However, the tutorials are for those who are just learning C++, not those who are writing complex and high level programs.  I don't believe that even with all the changes that the basics have dramatically changed.  Having said that, any teaching tool does indeed need occasional updating and cleaning.
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