Need Help: Creating Databse for Organization

+1 Mohammed Kazim · September 11, 2014
Hello Guys I am having troubles creating the database for an medium-scale organisation. I want to store staff details, Login credentials etc in the Database. I know SQL, Java and basic networking concepts. How do I do this work ??

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0 Mohammed Kazim · September 19, 2014
Why man??? its ok
0 George Williams · September 17, 2014
Well that's it, I no longer will attempt to help anyone.
+2 Eugene Botma · September 15, 2014
the easiest way to work with mssql server is SQL server management studio. It usually comes bundled with sql server, but it it is not installed, you can download it from Microsofts website (quick google should provide a download link). From management studio you will be able to create login details for the database (so your program can access it), set up your database, create table's and relationships etc. Basically, manage the whole database.

If you need help connecting to the server from java, I suggest posting that specific question in the java section, BUT google it first. It is a rather common question and you should find an answer very quickly if you do google it.

A good book for database design and management (covers ms sql server) is "Database principles: fundamentals of design, implementation and management"
0 Mohammed Kazim · September 15, 2014
Thank You for taking your precious time and replying. Okay i'll be using MS SQL server for this project. The thing is iam doing this project in Java Programming language. I'll be using Netbeans to build the GUI. I installed MS SQL Server but OMG the things in it are so complicated can you guys suggest me a good book or a tutorial to understand working with sql server. Thanks in advance..
+2 Eugene Botma · September 13, 2014
Like george said, this really depends on what you need to do with the data, but i differ a bit on what you need for what.

Access is good if there is going to be one person working directly in the database or have a central application that access it.

For applications that will work over a network, i suggest MS SQL server. This is also useful for web applications.

MySQL if you want create another kind of web application.

I suggest you look at a book called "database principles, fundamentals of design, implementation and management". This will show you how to design the database that you need as well as how to normalize it.

From there, it is really only a matter of reading in and displaying the data using an application.

The basic principle for using a DB in applications is: 
Connect to DB server-> Run query-> Close connection-> Show data. 

and for reading data: 
get data from user -> verify data -> connect to DB server -> run insert query-> run new get query if needed-> close connection -> show new data.

More details on what exactly you need and need to do and we will be able to give you more help.
0 George Williams · September 12, 2014
It depends upon how large the company you are developing for is and ill you need to have this database be accessed by a web form or by a application?

If by an application, I would suggest you use Microsoft Access, easy to write to and easy to read from with the .NET framwork

If for a web application, I would go buy(depending on your corporation size) a MySQL database.
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