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0 Alessio S · September 11, 2014
Hello Everyone!

I'm fairly new to the forum, and I came on seeking some help (If it wouldn't take too much of your time) I was just wondering, what direct should I head if I want to create a bot to let's say auto-fill details for limited stock items, or automatically purchase an item of sorts. I don't want to be spoon fed too much, I just would like to know where I should begin learning and researching. Thanks for your time. 

*P.S. I know the iMacros plug-in exists on firefox browser, but I'd like to create my own sort of program for it.

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0 Edgar Martinez · October 11, 2014
More like a nike bot? (; I'm also on the search of making a program. I need to know which programming should I start learning. 
0 Eugene Botma · October 11, 2014
There are a few ways to approach this.

Many sites have an API that can be utilized. These can vary from a library (dll file on windows)(for example facebook) you download and implement in your program, or a web api (twitter, cryptsy) that uses http requests. Implementing these api's depend heavily on the site or program that the api is for.

Another way is to do direct web posts. if you keep track of your html headers correctly, you can make a UI'less browser and submit forms via direct requests to a website. This requires some reverse engineering on the client side of the website, and does not always work very well with responsive websites.

You can write a script for a browser that does what you need. Usually a piece of javascript that can be run from the browser console is sufficient.

Lastly, there are browser controls that can be implemented in a program, like the browser control in .net. Or the gecko browser for .net. Using this, i have made a bot for a online bitcoin casino. You can check it out at:
The code is a bet messy, but you should get the idea of how to interact with the website from the code.
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