How to learn Java?

0 Syntax3rror Code · September 10, 2014
Hello everyone!
I want to start learning Java but what is the best way for me to learn it?
Should i watch Buckys Java tutorials or are they "outdated" ?
Or is it better to read a book first?
I know the basic of c++ so i am not tottaly new to coding.

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+6 M .A.K · September 10, 2014
They are not actually outdated. with every new version of java new things are added and most of the time those new stuff are not kinda things new comers want to learn at first + fundamentals are always the same.
so you can still use buckey's tutorials and later if you fill like wanna learn those new stuff then you know enough of java that you can learn by yourself :D

so buckey's videos => highly recommended.
+2 Developer John · September 10, 2014
Someone told me to learn Java before getting into an API. Now I find Java quite interesting. They also told me that C, C#, and C++ users find it easier to use (String args[]). Keep in mind, Java still recognizes this and it will accept it. Anyways, these tutorials are not outdated until Oracle changes some of the actual language which most likely wont happen. My personal look on all other tutorials out there from what I think aren't as close to the great tutorials provided by Greg. Although, sometimes there are other things I have questions about (which keeps my mind running) for instance, I never knew about the accessibility level "protected" until I finally looked it up and have had help on it. If you're ever concerned about anything, feel free to ask on the forums. Best of luck. 
0 Irving Santiago · September 12, 2014
May I recommend Beginning Java by Ivor Horton. Bucky's videos are great also.
0 Developer John · September 12, 2014
I personally hate books about Java, sometimes you cannot find out what the author is talking about. 
0 Devon Horton · September 12, 2014
Java(TM) Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design:

Used this for school. It's a fairly decent book.
+1 Abdirasaq Ali · September 13, 2014
Blue Pelican Java I learn this last year in my Junior year at school beginner JAVA was FUN and I never got to the GUI so I wanna learn it. C# was so easy it's similar to java. Learn JAVA = Learned C# 
0 Developer John · September 13, 2014
I would say Java "Graphical User Interfaces" are more on the intermediate side since there are so many ways to use them. For an example, if I wanted a Gui to have more features, there would be tons of them from the imported classes. Most of the time, you wouldn't know what to do with them unless you've researched it or had a conversation about it. Now, I think Bucky (a.k.a Greg) wanted us to learn some of the basics for Guis until we gone Intermediate, that way we'll get an understanding on them. Wow, I guess you're one of the lucky ones (usually schools don't tech us these kinds of things). I never had a class where you could learn a programming language in. I guess I have to learn it by myself (which seems better to me, because it gives me time to process my thinking and create my own heights with it).

0 Abdirasaq Ali · September 14, 2014
John ya the school teaches jButton and how to make a build your own pizza like dominas and pizza hut  but I didn't learn it because I enter game programming instead this year I'm a senior and I go to program that lets you in community college while in high school. Last year sucked kinda because I enter the paul allen competition beginner coders and didn't get to go cause my old folks were sleeping -_- 
0 Developer John · September 14, 2014
Wow, that sucks :(. Was the class about Java Game Development? If  so, never go into something complex until you learn the basics, otherwise, you're lost. I started learning what Java really meant a year ago. After that, I wanted to modify a game by following tutorials on Youtube. I remember how I was so lost, I felt like the forums community was leaving me behind. Later on, I started from scratch again, probably back in late April. Now, I can't explain how happy I am truly understanding Java. 8-) 
0 Abdirasaq Ali · September 14, 2014
No it was C# with the IDE XNA Game Studio it was pretty easy except for the Simon says cam we had to make. My teacher said I went to a completely different direction with the codes. 
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