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0 eric bruce · September 10, 2014
hello iv been spending a lot of time watching  A TON  of videos on this website.

iv gone threw 
half of html5/css3
3/4 mysql
the first 20 in php
all the basic javascript 

and a couple more.

i am at the point now where i am getting kind of frustrated.
and i am not shore how to get past where i am at.
now i can wright a lot of the basics now at lest read it anyway 
whats really killing me is that i don't really see how it all fits together
i was hoping some one could direct me to a video that gives information on 
using mysql and php to get information to the website i know i am just going out of order a bit and that i will probably  hit what i am looking for it i keep going but i just really need to see the order it all works in to kind of give myself an ideal of what i am working towards if that makes since at all lol 

anyway sorry for the ramble 
thanks for any help =)

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0 Swapnil S · September 10, 2014
you should try to utilize your knowledge and make dummy/mock projects with your skillets your learned from buckysroom videos.if you  not practically try all programming you have learned it will feel frustrated.:) 
0 Leandro Castillo · September 23, 2014
Yeap. Programming is not something you can learn in a day or two. It takes time to put everything together. You should try to give yourself weekly projects or something. Even mimic website that are out there, maybe not the entire website but parts of it.
0 Phillip Drake · September 24, 2014
You might want to consider learning one subject at a time beginning with HTML5/CSS3 then after you finish that move on to Javascript then PHP/MySQL.  Jumping around could be causing some of your confusion.
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