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+1 shyam padia · September 9, 2014
Hey  bucky!
Can you please try and explain some of the things more technically.
i am actually a computer science student and it would be helpful if you actually compare it with other languages and what the senteces actually mean!
it would be a great help man!
thank you :D

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+2 Bucky Roberts · September 16, 2014
Ok Shyam. I am actually going to be making a simple Notepad like text editor with Tkinter in my next few tutorials. I will make sure to talk more about the technical aspects of Python in the series  :)
0 Reznov Ammar · September 15, 2014
Thanks for your interest :).

So , i want to know if i used python as my core code and keep it forever to reach the professionalism it would be enough???? ,  i mean by that is python a proportional language to any system environment for both Linux and Windows ????

First example :

if you want to right a program in C then ok go to any of these text editors and a compiler download them and start coding without the needs to install interpreter to interpret your code its by default installed as an embedded programming language in both environments Windows and Linux but Python you need to install interpreter in Windows Regardless of in Linux these days you can find it installed by default but stills not complete because you want install by some commands libraries such as BeautifulSoup or Scapy and much more which you can't find in your distribution whatever it was seriously .

Second example:

Is it efficient to write an Exploits and Tools in Python or C ?? , in my opinion that both of them gives a marvelous results but when you come to Egghunters ,Shellcoding ,Viruses ,Worms ,Manipulating Memory Allocations ,Root Privileges Escalation ( also results would be the same i think in C and Python but i saw alot of privileges escalations exploits that have been written in C there is a dozens of them out there !!) , Encoders , Decoders, Encryptors , Decryptors and lots of tools that might help the pentesters in their job , which one to choose ????????

After enrollment in SLAE course these questions became rising im mind :-| .

Eventually, its still a question which programming language deserve to be at the top of the rests , in our case here in between Python or C .

So please , any recommend !!
0 George Williams · September 16, 2014
The vest for what? I assume since your talking about pentesting you want to know which one is better for hacking? Their both equally necessary if your an hacker because:

1. Python has that easily available webscraping power + Port finding + packet manipulation, exploiting stack overflows

2. C, you have the power to forcefully escalate privileges, open ports for reverse connections, exploiting stack and heap overflows 

Yes, I know, the question still remains: Which one is better? My answer is they are better than each other depending on the situation

I find it strange you didn't mention Ruby if your talking about hacking :D
0 Reznov Ammar · September 16, 2014
Hi George Williams , thanks for your joining :) .

I didn't mentioned Ruby because Ruby has to act in Metasploit in my opinion because when the Metasploit framework unleashed it gained it powerful especially exploits that has been written in Ruby are non-countable you could check it yourself at , am not using it for no reason , it is a good maybe the best language for other pentesters and security researcher . ( if any one see that i'am totally wrong please rise your hand glade to see your hand up against me ! ).

My aim is to achieve as much as possible to control anything using one language environment rather than two or three , the proof of concept is to master one language and for the rests just to understand at least one or ten lines of codes to know whats going on around in the edge of information security , for that am encouraging to use one language in order to contest it .

What i want again is , if anyone who learned C and he using it for penetration testing , please just tell the common things at least from where to start what to use and what not , it would be great to hear from you .

Finally , am very happy to be in a helpful community that shows his interest to solve the people <3.
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