What's your "rig" look like?

+3 Adam Karrer · September 9, 2014
Just got done doing some cleaning, so I figured I'd take some pictures of my workstation. I have my desktop that I built, an old Gateway that's set up as an Apache server, and my MacBook. The desktop has an extended desktop. Let's see what you guys have!


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+1 Gary Murphy · September 9, 2014
Nice!  I'll upload a pick or two when I get my cleaning done.  It's a typical programmers pigsty, lots of empty energy drink cans and crap lying around.
0 George Williams · September 9, 2014
Im poor...only one good od reliable Windows :)
+1 Adam Karrer · September 9, 2014
I had just got done chugging down my espresso and tossing away the red bull cans and random Arduino parts and tools that were scattered all over. :D
-1 Adam Karrer · September 9, 2014
Did you just put "Windows" and "reliable" together!? :D

Just kidding! Windows 7 is actually one of my favorite systems to work on. Windows 8 is a different story. -_____-
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