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+1 Wayne [Im That Damn Good] Leyden · September 8, 2014
Just to start, I enjoy building web sites or "web apps" what ever you prefer.  The ones that are done are in drupal (CSM) , im looking to get a group of people together to help collaborate Ideas on a couple of app ideas I have and possibly yours. I built 3 so far none of them are very pretty (default themed) but they are functional one (my first) the company closed up but it was basically just a sales site it gave a description of the company and had a area where you could but Video surveillance and alarm equipment.The second is a just a display site for someone who does weddings (my step grandfather) The third is probably the best one yet, im just conflicted with how it should be structured.

About me: I enjoy setting up the structure, im a Drupal aficionado just havent done too much front end or back end work.
I have a shared server and a few more Ideas even some registered names
I would love to learn more and see where it takes us (The Group). So if your into Java Css php my sql
This does not pay (its more of an open collaboration) but if we build some type of Marketable product I do plan to starting  a llc and will be offering a percentage to those who do contribute.

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0 George Williams · September 9, 2014
Unfortunately my good man, I only know SQL(The only degree I have for this is from w3schools) for web development but if your in need of some Python/Ruby scripts or a C#/C++ program(Mainly C#) Im your guy...PM me if your interested

Yeh I don't care about pay, pay is for chumps!(lol!)
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