display: -webkit-box

+1 jay kullman · September 8, 2014
I am doing the HTML5 tutorial.  I notice that it was made a few years ago.  Bucky said to use,

display: -webkit-box;


He said to use this in the css code for the div wrapper in order to ensure that the code would be read by all browers consistently, or at least that is how I understood it.

Anyway, the question:  Do I still need to use this code in 2014?

Second question;  Why does my my page render differently in FireFox and Google?  When I use XHTML, this doesn't happen (I learned Xhtml from Bucky as well)

Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer, SIMPLY.  I am a beginner.

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0 Predrag Kostic · September 9, 2014
First of all, yes it is advisable you use those since some people may still have older browsers etc.

Second, this simply happens because they're 2 different browsers and sometimes they understand code differently, or that's how I see it.
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