+1 Tony Micheal · April 25, 2014
I'm new to JavaScript

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+1 Omar Best-Delice · May 30, 2014
Me too!
0 Jay Deshaun · June 8, 2014
What would you like to know or learn about JS (JavaScript)?
-1 william appiah-dankwah · June 10, 2014
how to put together the source codes
0 Ethan Fraser · June 10, 2014
Perhaps try to expand on that. Do you mean source code such as:

<script>function functionName() {	//Insert code here}</script>

 Or do you mean putting in JavaScript from a separate file.js by referencing the JavaScript file? Or perhaps you mean how to use and learn the JavaScript capabilities. Either way, I'm happy to help with anything
0 william appiah-dankwah · June 10, 2014
How to use and learn the javascript capabilities
0 Jay Deshaun · June 12, 2014
I learned JS at w3Schools, but you could learn HTML and everything about web designing or web scripting at Codecademy.
-1 william appiah-dankwah · June 12, 2014
I'm using books ill check out code academy 
-1 william appiah-dankwah · June 13, 2014
why not w3school?
0 Ethan Fraser · June 13, 2014
He posted the link of w3fools, it is not a good site for tutorials. I learnt a fair bit of JavaScript from and some from CodeCademy
-1 william appiah-dankwah · June 20, 2014
Iv got a copy of javascript the diff native guide @lima hopefully it makes me a better javascript coder what do you think Lima
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A scripting language that is added to standard HTML to create interactive effects, apps, games for the browser.