+26 H. P. Lovecraft · September 8, 2014

Seriously guys, look at these topic names.

I need help ASAP!!!
Help please!!
need help
Ajax help
Web Browser
Need some help
Need some help to get rid of this error
Creating Apps
No splash.. :(
Help needed
please help me
wanna understand
Need Help!!
C# Basics
Database Problem
dot net
Need Help!
C Programming (Help)

Each line is a name of a topic. Can you try figure out what any of these people want help with? The answer is no, why? Because they suck. 

What makes a good topic name? Everything else than "HALP". A topic name should be concise and include exactly WHAT you need help with. Not that you just need help.

TL;DR: If your topic name is under 3 words, you're probably doing it wrong.


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0 Developer John · March 8, 2015
Wheately has one eye.
I have two ears.
Two has three letters. 
There are three sides on the Illuminati triangle.
But wait m8s, there's more...
Egyptians like to make pyramids.
A pyramid has 5 sides.
Do you know what shape Egyptians like? 
That's right! Rectangles, which have four sides. 
Bill Gates has two feet. 
Feet leave footprints behind.
Footprints are dirty. 
My mind is dirty.
My mind is also a potato. 
China grows potatoes.
The Chinese flag consists of two colors.
They are red and yellow.
The sun is yellow. 
Do you know what else is red? 
That's right! The color red!
Red has three letters.
The word green has five letters.
Do you know what else is green? That's right! Shrek.
Shrek likes his swamp. He also likes to molest children at night.
Wait m8.
Swamp and night both have five letters. 
Coincidence? No m69.
Gabe Newell has ten fingers. 
Gabe Newell is a programmer.
Wheately is also a programmer.
Wheately has eight letters in his name.
9gag confirmed?
I don't think so m9.
There are three sides on the Illuimati triangle.
Wheately has one eye.
The Illuminati triangle has ONE EYE. 
Wheately is Illuminanymousati confirmed! XDXDXD
0 Developer John · February 24, 2015
Wheately is loominarti.
0 Abdullah Nauman · February 24, 2015
@Raahim, why do you blame Wheately?!
0 Jay Deshaun · February 24, 2015
Lol I had to check if my topic name was there.

Either way I agree with you as I like to help people based on specific issue but if they make a topic name like one of those then I would be forced to open it even if I'm not going to help depending on the issue.
0 Abdullah Nauman · February 24, 2015
Yea, I see what you mean Raahim. Though the first 5 posts have to be approved, so if they mods see anything they talk them, if their first 5 posts consisted of anything like this, the mods would have already warned them.
+1 Abdullah Nauman · February 24, 2015
How about we protest, by just not answering the following questions : 

  • A tittle consisting of "HELP, HELP, HELP!!!"

  • 100000000 lines of unformatted code

  • Homework

  • When we have to beg them for there error message or code(how do you expect someone to help you if you won't give your code?)

As long as we keep helping these people, they will keep at it.

If you have any other things to add to this list please do. 
I hope this has some impact. 
0 Sean O'Brien · February 23, 2015
I didn't know what to name the topic.
0 H. P. Lovecraft · February 23, 2015
Perhaps it would have been a smarter idea, if Bucky and his team integrated an already existing open source forum into his site. At the moment it is a lot of bugs that need to be worked out. The code boxes are glitching out all the time.
0 H. P. Lovecraft · February 22, 2015
Perhaps, but with the lack of sicky posts it would be eventually buried, unless it keeps being bumped like the Android emulator post. :P
+2 H. P. Lovecraft · February 22, 2015
There isn't a lot of negativity, people here are more than happy to help. However, it is very difficult to help when

  1. Copy paste their home work assignments

  2. Copy paste their examinations/final projects

  3. Expect other people to write their code for them

  4. Use topic names that are barely relevant to their actual problem

  5. People don't know what documentation is

Sometimes people just need to be told "RTFM", because if not they have not chance improve themselves and grow as a programmer. We need clear guidelines, if this site is going to succeed. There are also features this forum is lacking: sticky posts, indication markers for solved problems, just to name a few.

Lastly, if there is one tutorial that is desperately needed, it is "How to read and write documentation"

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