+26 H. P. Lovecraft · September 8, 2014

Seriously guys, look at these topic names.

I need help ASAP!!!
Help please!!
need help
Ajax help
Web Browser
Need some help
Need some help to get rid of this error
Creating Apps
No splash.. :(
Help needed
please help me
wanna understand
Need Help!!
C# Basics
Database Problem
dot net
Need Help!
C Programming (Help)

Each line is a name of a topic. Can you try figure out what any of these people want help with? The answer is no, why? Because they suck. 

What makes a good topic name? Everything else than "HALP". A topic name should be concise and include exactly WHAT you need help with. Not that you just need help.

TL;DR: If your topic name is under 3 words, you're probably doing it wrong.


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+2 Neil Cannon · February 22, 2015
Too much negativity here, lets lelp our fellow programmers improve and ask questions.
+2 H. P. Lovecraft · February 22, 2015
There isn't a lot of negativity, people here are more than happy to help. However, it is very difficult to help when

  1. Copy paste their home work assignments

  2. Copy paste their examinations/final projects

  3. Expect other people to write their code for them

  4. Use topic names that are barely relevant to their actual problem

  5. People don't know what documentation is

Sometimes people just need to be told "RTFM", because if not they have not chance improve themselves and grow as a programmer. We need clear guidelines, if this site is going to succeed. There are also features this forum is lacking: sticky posts, indication markers for solved problems, just to name a few.

Lastly, if there is one tutorial that is desperately needed, it is "How to read and write documentation"
+2 Buddy Blackford · September 8, 2014
praise jeebus!
+2 H. P. Lovecraft · September 8, 2014
I'm happy people agree, it is really getting on my nerves. :P
+1 Abdullah Nauman · February 24, 2015
How about we protest, by just not answering the following questions : 

  • A tittle consisting of "HELP, HELP, HELP!!!"

  • 100000000 lines of unformatted code

  • Homework

  • When we have to beg them for there error message or code(how do you expect someone to help you if you won't give your code?)

As long as we keep helping these people, they will keep at it.

If you have any other things to add to this list please do. 
I hope this has some impact. 
+1 Homer Simpson · February 22, 2015
@John, I'm not sure how he's being a douchebag.. He didn't insult anyone in particular. The worst thing he said was that some peoples topic names suck. 
+1 Branislav Lazic · February 22, 2015

He selected individuals to criticize within his own thread. If you don't consider that insulting, I'm not aware of what standards you are living by.

If they put more effort in their questions, they wouldn't be criticized. He just shown, how much people can be lazy.
+1 Kaveh Greenwood · September 8, 2014
Great rant. Thanks for posting this.
+1 Çağlan Turgut · September 8, 2014
Yeah, this is really annoying. I created a topic about that a couple days ago:
+1 Adam Karrer · September 8, 2014
Awww man. I was just getting ready to make a topic titled: "HELP HELP HELP" and then ask everyone for a good title name for my next topic.

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