android studio vs android sdk ?

0 name family · September 8, 2014
hey all ! 
sorry for this kinda question 
what the heck is the difference ? android studio vs android sdk 
i just wana start 

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0 M .A.K · September 8, 2014
Android studio is an IDE based on Itellij idea and it will become standart IDE for Android development (now I'm using eclipse with ADT plugin).

But Android sdk( Software Development Kit)  is a set of tools for developing android app which  includes a debugger,   libraries, a handset  emulator  based on  QEMU, documentation, sample code, and tutorials, and whether you're using eclipse or andriod studio you must have it. of course it's packed with android studio and intellij idea Ultimate Edition  as default but have to be downloaded if you're using other IDEs.
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