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+1 Brian Hill · September 8, 2014
Hi everyone, my name is Brian. Just signed up for the site, hoping to find some things to trade. I used to own a sports cards and collectibles shop about 2 years ago so I have a lot of cards, autographs, collectibles, and other stuff if anyone is interested. If you are looking for something specific (from a specific team or player)  then you can send me a private message and maybe we can work out a deal  :D

I'll try to list some of my NFL stuff in the next day or two!

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0 Juanell Primus · July 17, 2015
dude i'm up to trade with you i own a tone of sports cards, i also own allot of comic book collectors cards also mostly into marvel but i have tons of DC and other 
0 Gary Murphy · September 8, 2014
Hi Brian and welcome.

Bucky has just finished working on the trade section recently so it is a good time for you to join the site I think.
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Just joined the website? Feel free to introduce yourself here. Oh, by the way, welcome to BuckysRoom!

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