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0 George Williams · September 7, 2014
Hey there!

My name is George and I am a Ethical Hacker and a student studying C/C#/C++(Well, I'm in school for C but C# and C++ I will end up learning anyway,that's why it has C in it lol) and I am starting to learn Python on this site. After I master those 4 languages I plan to move on to Ruby and Perl.

I am 22(on this site*evil grin*) and I've always had a passion for computers but not originally for programming, it was mostly for hacking until I found out that even if you can manually hack, you are still considered a script kiddie till you learn to program and/or make your own tool -.-. After I learned that, I went on to explore a bunch of programming language until I finally stuck with C#. Thats how I ended up here, Ive been watching all the videos on thenewboston.org about C#.

I wish to learn all the programming languages in existence(Im crazy i know) including Assemby. The day I stop learning is the day I program an OS in binary(aka Never).

Anyways, Im always looking for people to join my newly formed hacking group in which we share secrets,program and all around just have some fun. PM me if your interested.

Also, Bucky I'd like to say thanks for all your hard work + I think your sites vulnerable to a certain exploit but thats only a guess from the look of certain urls..May not be true.


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0 Gary Murphy · September 8, 2014
Hi George and welcome to Buckys Room. :)
Nice to see you have a passion for programming, just keep away from our ddl tables you pesky hacker you. :ninja:
+1 George Williams · September 8, 2014

Na/like I said im an Ethical hacker lol
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Just joined the website? Feel free to introduce yourself here. Oh, by the way, welcome to BuckysRoom!

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