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0 Jeremy Hewitt · September 7, 2014
I'm just getting into programming, trying to start with C++, but I'm avoiding those "Dummies" & "1 hour a day" or "in 24 hours" type books.

I currently have...
C++ Programming: Program Design including Data Structure (6th) 2013
C++ Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design (6th) 2013
C++: Primer Plus (6th) 2012

and they seem very detailed and in depth, I picked them up because most college professors and students recommend these, but are there any other books you would recommend for true "beginners" to any kind of C++ programming ???

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+2 Çağlan Turgut · September 7, 2014
I didn't read any books for beginners but starting with C++ is fairly easy so I recommend you to use Internet for beginning then you can read more popular books.

After watching the C++ series of Bucky and writing some simple programs (that will lead you to research, make you better at practice and learn some technical stuff) you should be good to go and buy most of the intermediate books out there.

I've heard that book from someone though I'm not sure if its good or bad but be aware that this is a really old book:
0 Jeremy Hewitt · September 8, 2014
Thank You for your input, I appreciate the suggestions certainly :) 
I still hope to find more out about the books I have, I have watched some of the vids and like them, they are to the point, but easy going and NOT presented in a demeaning manner (Hey noobie scum, think you can get this?), so I will be using them often in conjunction with the physical material I have.

Again, thank you for your tie friend :)

-1 Devon Horton · September 8, 2014
I have a suggestion if you don't mind designing console games. This was one of my resources when I started learning c++. 

Beginning C++ Through Game Programming:
0 Jeremy Hewitt · September 9, 2014
@ Devon Horton...
You, pegged me lol I picked up,
Beginning C++ Through Game Programming 3rd
Game Programming All in One 3rd
High Performance Game Programming in C ++

for when I get better, I was going to make of whole line of SNES style Zelda, FF & Metroid games for the inlaws, kids & wife just for fun, maybe putting them out on the indie and/or homebrew networks :)
0 Devon Horton · September 11, 2014
I have a hand full of c++ books that are clearly college level books, which is why I thought they were bland as hell when I was 14ish. After I took a year break from C++ this book helped me alot, it was really refreshing to to a c++ book that was able to connect my passion for video games with my at the time new passion of programming. 
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