Ubuntu vs openSUSE

+1 Abdullah Nauman · September 6, 2014
Ubuntu vs OpenSUSE. Would like Your feed back. :devil::alien:

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0 Source Slayer · September 6, 2014
I believe both Operating Systems allow you to try it out before you install it. Just burn them both to disks and try them out, use whichever you prefer. Though, the speed on a disk most likely isn't going to be the actual honest speed.
+1 Abdullah Nauman · September 10, 2014
@Sorce is the the disk speed better or worse 

Also if I install will it delete win7
0 Adam Karrer · September 10, 2014
Speed will be slower than a full install. I know Ubuntu has the option to keep Windows and dual boot via GRUB. GRUB loads first and lets you select whether to boot into Linux or Windows. I believe that's a standard feature for all major Linux distros, but I could be mistaken. 
+2 Predrag Kostic · September 10, 2014
@Adam GRUB is very common nowadays, it "supports all UNIX commonly used file systems".

@OP I never tried openSUSE but I did try Ubuntu 12.10/13.04/13.10 & 14.04 and I can tell you I didn't like Unity all that much, so if I had to chose now I'd go for Linux Mint 17 (Cinnamon).
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