Tutorial 46 and 47 of C++ .. Linking error

0 gautam beri · September 6, 2014
I am getting an error as " undefined reference to WinMain@16" what does that mean and hence the error , the code cannot run and given several hours just to find the mistake but i aint finding one !
help Bucky!

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+1 Raymond Gutierrez · September 7, 2014
I just recently had this same issue while watching the turorials and, after extensive googling, I found a solution that worked for me, though I never learned WHY I got the error in the first place. My best guess would be a bug, which was previously mentioned.

Now assuming you're using CodeBlocks, the way I got rid of the error was very simply: restarting the program. Sounds really lame and doesn't explain why, I know. There was quite a bit of explanation on other things you could do to fix this, but I didn't understand them (yet!), and the easy solution was to save your program where you're at, and simply close C:B and restart it. 

Hope this helps if you're still having this problem!
0 gautam beri · September 7, 2014
thanx both of you .... :)
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