+2 Saurabh patel · September 6, 2014
I have netbeans installed in my computer with jdk,
I am following bucky's tutorials in java and now i want to install eclipse so it'll easy for me to follow bucky ..
is it alright to have two IDE ??? or i need to change something in installation ..
because i messed up before when i have 2 databases oracle  and mysql, I had to change my port for it ...

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+1 M .A.K · September 6, 2014
There is no problem to have more than one IDE installed.
I have  eclipse + IntelliJ IDEA + Atmel studio + Microsoft visual studio + MATLAB (On windows)
And      eclipse + netbeans + IntelliJ IDEA  (On ubuntu)
And still nothing happened!:D
+2 Saurabh patel · September 6, 2014
thanks,it works with no problem, i just ran my "hello world" program in Eclipse
I love it, it looks decent than netbeans :)
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