0 Todd Stacy · September 6, 2014
hello, I am making an iPhone app, where the requirement is such that user should be able to send SMS from iPhone app without going into the SMS API screen (i.e. the modal view for SMS).
We do not want the user to click the "Send" button. It should be sent automatically.
The message body and message recipients are pre-fixed.
I am a newbie.
How can I do this? What should be done?
Please Help and Suggest.

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0 Çağlan Turgut · September 8, 2014
I know nothing about iOS Development (Only watched Bucky's tutorials and didn't practice even a little.) But as a user I'm wondering..

Are you sure you can do that? I guess it would require a JailBreak.

Again it's just a guess. Is there any example apps on AppStore that you can show us?
0 George Williams · September 8, 2014
Your application will be sending a pre-fixed SMS without them pressing send correct? In Apple's eyes that would be considered malicious, It is possible because I've met viruses for Iphones that are meant to send out SMS and spread the virus. I would suggest that you google what you are looking for, Since im nice though, here are a few links :

They all basically say the same thing but are worded differently
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