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+3 Adam Karrer · September 6, 2014
Hey guys, my name is Adam, I'm turning 26 next month, and I live in southern New Jersey. I work at a vape shop currently, and I'm kinda-sorta working on my associates in Database Design and Development. I know a bit of Java and I'm currently learning Python and SQL. I play around with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and some other random unknown microcontroller that's sitting in my drawer sometimes, and I should be adding a 3D printer to my collection of toys soon.

Bucky's videos really accelerated my learning during my college courses, and they are the only video tutorials that I don't fall asleep during, so I became a fan of his about a year or so ago. I'm hoping being on here will further help me learn some epic tuna coding skills, so I can land a job one day slowly giving myself carpal tunnel and drinking coffee by the gallons.

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+1 Gary Murphy · September 6, 2014
Hey mate, welcome to Buckys Room.  Sounds like you've got your hands full with all those gadgets.  I'm learning Python myself and plan on getting a raspberry pi soon (I bought a screen for one on Kickstarter which should be arriving soon, so I should really look into getting a raspberry pi. Lol).  Bought a 3d printer on Kickstarter too which should be arriving early next year, so I'm hoping Bucky will be doing some tutorials on them at some point.  But that's me, if I see something cool, I want it.  I'll work out what to do with it and how to use it later.:silly:
+1 Adam Karrer · September 6, 2014
Same here with buying now, figuring out later. :D My Pi has been hooked up for a few months now and I haven't quite figured out what I want to do with it. My Arduino has been used for a few little things, but no major products there yet either.

 I just soldered together a protoshield the other day, and I have a gyroscope, an RFID reader, and a PIR sensor sitting there waiting to be used. I'm bouncing back and forth between a robot or a VR headset (which would let me play with the 3D printer once I get it). Hell, maybe I'll make a robot that I can control THROUGH the VR headset! :woot:
0 Gary Murphy · September 6, 2014
Exciting times ahead. :D
0 Abdullah Nauman · September 6, 2014
I am gonna make an Apache server out of my rassberry pi
+1 Kaveh Greenwood · September 6, 2014
Welcome to Bucky's Room! Great to have you here.
+2 Çağlan Turgut · September 6, 2014
Welcome to the community! If you have any questions feel free to ask. I'm sure that someone will try to help you.
0 Adam Karrer · September 6, 2014
Thanks, guys!

I actually posted in the SQL forum and no one replied. :D Guess I'll have to do some more research or drop that idea and come up with a new one. 
-2 Çağlan Turgut · September 7, 2014
Erm.... We are a small community..? :) Never thought that was gonna happen one day.:ermm:

Sorry, I don't know SQL:(
0 Samiha S. · January 21, 2015
Since this is the only forum where "arduino" was mentioned, and I am not allowed to create a forum yet, I am posting my question here.

I am doing my first Arduino project and faced with the following compiling error and do not know what to do! 

C:\Users\Samiha\AppData\Local\Temp\build3058240577403485459.tmp/core.a(main.cpp.o): In function `main':
C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\arduino\avr\cores\arduino/main.cpp:40: undefined reference to `setup'
C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\arduino\avr\cores\arduino/main.cpp:43: undefined reference to `loop'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
Error compiling.

If anyone has any clue please HELP! Thank you in advance.
0 Samiha S. · January 21, 2015
@Mathias Frits  Yes I am using the Arduino IDE
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