Picture rotated in web page, normal in file?

+1 Cooper Cecil · September 5, 2014

What happened? I have a normal picture in a file, and when I grabbed it and set it in the web page, it rotated sideways to the left. I even reduced the size to make sure its not a sizing issue. Small picture rotated sideways. What did I do, or how do you fix it? Are these kind of bugs common in programing?



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0 Cooper Cecil · September 5, 2014
+2 Steve Myers · September 5, 2014
Not sure if this would make any difference, but is it possible that the original picture was sideways, and then edited to appear right-side up?

I'm wondering if the original orientation is embedded in the picture and it rotates each time you open it? Not really sure how that stuff works.
+1 Kaveh Greenwood · September 6, 2014
What Steve is saying may be the case. There is no CSS to orient the picture.
0 Cooper Cecil · September 7, 2014
Thanks Jay. I'm kinda new at this. I placed it in the head after creating the style css and it didn't change anything. Can you expand on this and also how to differentiate rotating one picture and not the other?


0 Cooper Cecil · September 7, 2014
Just the one Komodo has. I can use Safari or Google. It is not launched on the web though.
0 Cooper Cecil · September 7, 2014
Yeah, no problem seeing the page, the picture is just not aligning right.
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