What Version Notepad++ ?

+3 Jasmina Savic · September 5, 2014
Hello there,

I have one question...What version Notepad ++ I need download, Current Version 6.6.8 or some other ?

I tried with that one but it does not work... What can be the problem and what version is the best ?

Than you,

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+1 Kaveh Greenwood · September 6, 2014
What do you mean?

Check out Sublime Text as well. :)
+1 Jasmina Savic · September 6, 2014
Thank you Kaveh, but I can not find..:( ..can you help me..?
+2 Kaveh Greenwood · September 6, 2014
Sure thing.

Homepage: http://www.sublimetext.com/
Download Page: http://www.sublimetext.com/2

It's great especially if you were looking to use Notepad++ to code.
+1 Jasmina Savic · September 7, 2014
Thank you Kaveh :)

The link I downloaded: http://download.tuxfamily.org/notepadplus/6.6.8/npp.6.6.8.Installer.exe and it works Ok, but all I am doing in file Java Script file (*.js) not work, it is the main problem...when I open Google Chrom it is ok with HTML, but Functions from Java don t, I don t know why ?..so I thought the version could be the reason..
-1 Kaveh Greenwood · September 7, 2014
That's weird. I know nothing about Notepad++. Sorry I can't help.
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