[Guide] How to Add Photos

+6 Joel Perez · September 3, 2014
Hey guys I want to show you guys how to add photos to your accounts. 

I had a few issues figuring it out. 

We are all here because we like to learn and share so here is something to help

those who were stuck just like myself.

This is my first video tutorials in years so bare with me lol

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+2 Aubree Keegan · September 3, 2014
Thank you! A lot of new users seem to have trouble posting pictures, we needed this.  :)
-1 Pere Garau Burguera · September 3, 2014
Thanks! It will help new users that tend to have problems undertanding how this works!
0 Joel Perez · September 3, 2014
No problem guys. Im glad to help when I can. Ive been watching Bucky's Tutorials for ever and he was actually the reason I wanted to start making tutorials of my own. Im starting them now but I really suck at it lol. So overtime  I hope to be able to help and teach others. Im very much for free knowledge. :D
+1 Pere Garau Burguera · September 3, 2014
With practice you'll get better. Just see how Bucky has changed over the years, back in the days he was kinda rude LOL
0 Joel Perez · September 3, 2014
OMG yeah some times I was like, Um this dude is just mean lol.

I think it was one of his HTML originals where he was like, this is what im teaching you, I dont about this, im not talking about that again etc... Good old days...

Here is a link to my vids im making. Bucky u make me look so bad lmfao...

I feel like I sound like a lost person too. :/

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