Hey Bucky and crew!

I know that it may seem like an odd suggestion or request but I was wondering if you would be interested in making some C Win32 tutorials. See the way my crazy head works is like this. I see an OS, well what does an OS need to be able to work or be created.

Bootloader, Kernel, OS, etc... By no means am I an expert just some things that I know are needed.

Ok well how do I make each one. Hmmm...Bootloader, then oh wow the kernel, Ubuntu uses Linux, Windows their kernel lol, Unix etc...

Ok now what does the kernel do? It's an interpreter between Hardware software and OS stuff..

Again this is all my ideas of how things work,

So all that mambo buujombo said, I really like to learn how everything works lol.

Another suggestion/s is making some tutorials longer and more interactive. By no means am I saying anything bad about your or your associates tutorials. I mean once you made your, C, C#, Java series, then make an interactive Tut thats a next series after those. Not sure if im making sense. I'll put some examples.

1- Watched and finished Java tutorials.

2- Java Interactive 1.0.1 - Using swing to make a simple text editor (Java In. episodes 1.0.1 through 1.x.x all interactive working from episode from episode to create and actual program.)

3- Java Interactive 2.0.1 - Using swing to make your own version of paint etc... 2.0.1 - 2.x.x.

4- Java Interactive 3.0.1 - Creating a chat client ( through the interactive series you go from a simple send button app to a full blown, send pics, add friends, log in, out etc...)

I think with all languages it would be cool. I know it is a lot of work but, I also would think it would be cool if, us the community would make videos tutorials. But for us, at least I would love to do this, as we are learning, we make tutorials to teach others as we are learning so there is a different type of person teaching others as they learn. So each one of us may have a different learning curve. 

So thats my ramble about that. Sorry fellow forum members I can be a rambler some times. 

Well back to Win32. I think it would be so sweet to have some C Win32 tuts. 

Hey thanks for all your great videos.