Where can I get a non-Cloud version?

+4 Gary Murphy · September 3, 2014
Just wanted to put the question out there for anyone who might know.
It seems Adobe has made all of their software cloud based so the only way anybody can use it is to buy a subscription and pay every month.
I prefer to buy my software outright so I can use it whenever I want and not have to worry about not having it around when I need it.  What if after a few months I don't use it for a while?  I don't want to be paying when I'm not using.
Does anybody know if you can still purchase older versions outright?
If so, which versions are available?
Also, if you could provide links, that would be great too.

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0 Nikola Milic · March 23, 2015
I have all Adobe Creative Cloud Collection downloaded from torrent. There is Premier Pro CC in it. If you need help, send me a msg. ;)
0 Mitch Mullvain · November 27, 2014
I know this was posted forever ago, but if someone else views this page on Google or something in the future, I want to make it easy because it was a pain for me to find this.


This is the page for downloading the trials for the NON-CLOUD CS6 versions of adobe products.
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