Worst suggestions?

+4 Tommy Hillis · September 3, 2014
So I have been reading some good suggestions for BR, but what is your worst suggestion for this site?  :D

Here's mine. Every day the community gets to vote out one member. You can vote for anyone you and for any reason. The user with the most votes at the end of the day will have their account deleted.  :P

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+2 J'Mara Manuel · September 3, 2014
My worst suggestions is a BuckysRoom Purge

One day a year, all Like links will become "Unlike" links and all the blue thumbs up buttons will become red "thumbs down" buttons. On this day only, you can click these things to take away points from a users reputation.  :devil:
+2 Bucky Roberts · September 3, 2014
Haha these actually sound like pretty good suggestions to me. 
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