Best Desk "Toys"?

+5 Buddy Blackford · September 3, 2014
What do you guys have on your desks to keep you entertained?  I found this at the dollar store and it was well worth the dollar! :D

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+3 Aubree Keegan · September 3, 2014
My desk at work has mostly pictures of my friends and always a cup of coffee. It's usually messy.  :happy:

I use two monitors so there isn't a lot of space for anything else. Here is a pic
+2 Tommy Hillis · September 3, 2014
+2 James Nichols · September 3, 2014
+2 Buddy Blackford · September 3, 2014
what about putting the banana in the noise putty?? :ermm: hmmm
+1 romeo rows · September 3, 2014
Haha. This topic is getting hilarious.
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