Raspberry Pi

+1 Miloslav Nosek · September 3, 2014
I'm considering getting one but I would love to read your thoughts first :).
Can anybody recommend it? What is the best usage for it?
Looks like you can even turn it into cool media center when you buy mpeg-2 codec.

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0 Adam Karrer · September 8, 2014
Arduinos are excellent for making any kind of robot. There's so many shields out there and documentation for working with sensors that you can practically make any kind of robot you can think of. I really like some of the quadcopters people have made. 
0 Jeremy Hewitt · September 8, 2014
Grazzi Amico !!!
0 M .A.K · September 8, 2014
Jeremy, if u don't think about some sort of exotic sound and picture processing I think yip arduino is best choice
and you can find some ideas at http://www.instructables.com/tag/type-id/category-technology/channel-arduino/
0 M .A.K · September 8, 2014
I myself think this is the road:

Arduino => Atmel Avr => Raspberry Pi

plus it's good to have some electronics understanding.
And if you need any help about arduino or avr i'm here!
0 Jeremy Hewitt · September 8, 2014
I was thinking of making a fully functional (nifties and all) half scale black and red R2-Q5 (an R2-D2 variant) as a surprise house pet for the kids and wife around Christmas 2015 and was wondering if Arduino would be a good idea.
+1 Adam Karrer · September 8, 2014
In my opinion, it's an amazing tool, but I wouldn't really recommend it for a new programmer. I see it more as a tool for someone who has had some basic knowledge in programming and wants to learn more about controlling other hardware via the GPIO ports, or networking.

If you're looking to learn more basic programming skills while still controlling some basic hardware, I'd recommend an Arduino. The language it uses is just a dumbed down version of C. Not to say that it's not a powerful little microcontroller and that you can't do some advanced stuff with it.

You could always start off with the Arduino, grab a Pi later down the road and learn how to code a communication between them. :D
0 Jeremy Hewitt · September 8, 2014
Actually, I've been wanting to know more about that too, my 7 year old daughter who is a cracker jack at windows wants a computer of her own so I was thinking about getting her an "R-Pi" B+ Ultimate Starter Kit and letting her learn electronics & some programming, but I also would like to find out more before I shellac out the cash !!!
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