How can we get credits without buying them?

+6 Aubree Keegan · September 2, 2014
Is there a way that we can get credits without buying them? I wanted to trade a few more things but I don't want to buy any more credits  :ermm:

I think that the moderators should make some other ways for users to get credits. Maybe once we get a certain reputation score? Or posting links to BuckysRoom on other websites? Forum contests maybe?!

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+8 Pere Garau Burguera · September 2, 2014
I'll do something for  you guys to get credits. Bucky sent me quite a lot (thanks a lot Bucky), so I'll do some kind of contest or something and the winner will get some credits. Nice idea, I'll think what to do and post it later, it will be fun!
+5 Pere Garau Burguera · September 2, 2014
I'll do something for sure. Still have to think exactly what but it's gonna make the site more friendly. 

I actually thought of doing this before, but now that there are a lot more active users will be awesome and it will make the site more participative. 
+4 Pere Garau Burguera · September 2, 2014
Well guys, I created a page where I'll be doing my contests. 

Make sure you follow the page, more information there
+3 J'Mara Manuel · September 2, 2014
I would send you some but I only have 4 left. I would post some links on twitter or fb for some extra credits tho.
+3 Yannis Sp · September 2, 2014
Pere you should do everyday a content or poll and the winner takes credits.It will increase the popularity of the site a lot!!
+3 Yannis Sp · September 2, 2014
IDEA:The first three that share the poll question on facebook(with a build in share of BR) get credits!
Why is this good?Because people on FB will see the question which will be intresting and they will answer with a comment.If they see this everyday they will say:What is this awesome site that has such good polls and then join the BR.Second good of this thing is that most people here have tons of friends on FB and also when you comment on something on FB others friends watch your activity!!
p.s you can put a comment section or a radio button so we can answer the poll too,not only share :P
+2 Tommy Hillis · September 2, 2014
Posting links would help out the site too. I'll message Pere. I always see him online, maybe he can make a contest.
+2 Nikola Novakovic · September 2, 2014
Pere was so nice and shared some of it with me :) But I think something should be done in the future like, give "starting credits" or something. 
Thinking about posting some of the stuff I worked on and selling it soon :) Small stuff, like polls, ajax messaging system ( not chat , something like facebook where it pops ups a message ), android app for listing stuff from lightsql db and more small-scale stuff :) 
+2 Tommy Hillis · September 2, 2014
I wish that BR had a Facebook page. Maybe we can make one and and give a few members access to it. There isn't one already is there?

Edit: trusted members 
+2 Pere Garau Burguera · September 3, 2014
I don't know. I'll try with the first one, and I'll see if I have to change or keep it the same way. Of course, ideas and suggestions are welcome. 
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