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0 Mikkel Larsen · September 1, 2014
Hey Guys. 

I'm having a hard time finding out which language to learn next.. 

I already know HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery, but those are for websites, and i would like to learn to make programs for my Mac (and possibly for PC's) and iPhones (iOS). But i can't seem to figure out exactly which languages I need to learn. I have started learning C, and that seems to be good-knowing for making programs, bu how can I design programs? JAVA? PYHTON? and what about Objective-C, C++ and C#? 

Pls help me understand :)

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+1 Eugene Botma · September 1, 2014
Just to clarify, a MAC can also be a Personal Computer.

Since you want to develop for Mac and IOS, I suggest looking at objective C, since this is what IOS uses (mostly).

With " but how can I design programs?" I'm assuming you mean create programs with graphic interfaces? This isn't really bound to single language per platform, but rather frameworks. The .net framework is good for windows (c++, c#, VB), for mac and linux, you can use QT, but there are others as well. I'm not too familiar with the frameworks compatible with java. Maybe someone else can help you there.

For cross platform programs, c, c++ of java would be best.
0 Mikkel Larsen · September 1, 2014
"Designing programs": Like HTML and CSS does when designing websites :) 

If I'm understanding this correctly, C (for example) handles then programs tasks, but i have no idea how to design the program, make the interface, or framework if you want, and i have no idea where I can learn it, which language i should learn :) But if I understand you correct, you suggest Java? and C, C++ and Objective-C as well? 
+1 Eugene Botma · September 1, 2014
Computer programs mostly aren't like websites in the sense of having a markup language. The visual part is done in the code as well. I'd recommend objective-c if you want to develop for IOS. otherwise I would suggest c# or java. 

Take a look at the c# tutorials on buckysroom. It covers gui aps as far as I know.
0 Source Slayer · September 1, 2014
Not to be rude, but you don't seem too familiar with all of these. JQuery is not a language, it's a library for Javascript, HTML is not a programming language, it's a markup language. You shouldn't rush, not to be rude. By the way, you could even design programs with HTML (for the interface) if you wanted to, and javascript could run on the desktop, which shouldn't be too hard to use. 

Javascript and Python are easy to learn for many. Qt is a helpful library if you want to use C++, or other languages it has bindings to ([including python]( Python is pretty simple to pick up, and so is Javascript (Since you said you have experience with web design, that should be easy for you too). 

Really, you could try anything out, almost any language will work on desktop. What you use is your choice. I personally prefer [Python]( for web development. I'd very much recommend python personally, but if you want, you should try out whatever sounds good to you, there are various demos available.
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