Silicon Valley

0 Gary Murphy · August 31, 2014
Anybody watch this show?  It's the bomb!

Gotta love technology.  Lol

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+1 Daniel Collier · August 31, 2014
i do :) and i love it, i can not wait for season 2, any idea when its coming back ?
0 Gary Murphy · August 31, 2014
Around April next year I'd say.  The first season started in April, so I'd expect it would be around the same time.
+1 Daniel Collier · August 31, 2014
i heard about it on here and then i went ahead and watch the whole series in a day hahah, think i might re watch it :)
0 Gary Murphy · August 31, 2014
I've watched to whole thing several times already.  It doesn't seem to get old for me. :D
0 Yannis Sp · August 31, 2014
Guys can you post a torrent like where i can get it?
+1 Kaveh Greenwood · September 1, 2014
Is it on Netflix? I didn't know it was a TV show.  I thought it was movie.
0 Gary Murphy · September 1, 2014
I don't think Bucky would appreciate links to torrents being posted here, but here's a link to the HBO page:
0 Gary Murphy · September 3, 2014
I just found out one of the guy's who created Silicon Valley also made Officespace and Idiocracy!  :woot:
+2 Alex Biddle · September 3, 2014
I haven't watched a full episode yet but I did see the 'dick-jerking' algorithm scene and that was hilarious to watch haha
0 Gary Murphy · September 3, 2014
Haha!  Yeah, so many good things in that show.  
I love it when Jared goes "Hey, Richard's been in his room for nearly 2 hours.."
That means they were working on that algorithm for that long! :woot::silly::D
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