First programming language you learned

+9 Yannis Sp · August 31, 2014
Which was your first programming language you learned and when was your first time you got involve with a computer?

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0 JOhaL jaTT · September 16, 2014
C programming........................
0 Glenn Cook · September 16, 2014
My first was game maker (GML), and that was in 2012, unless you count HTML and that was in 2010,  this is a second career for me 
0 Nika Mchedlidze · September 13, 2014
I started learning with Java, I was making some fun programs, then I tried C++ but I heard its too hard for newcomers so I learned C Sharp on basic level, could make basic programs with visual C sharp. when Bucky released C tutorials, I started watching them hoping to get better understanding of C++/C and programming in general.
0 Von Geek · September 12, 2014
My first programming language was visual basic 
0 Yujin D. Great · September 12, 2014
I don't know if HTML is a programming language, but I think that was the first language I learned.

Then someone introduced me to VB.Net but i kinda don't understand it, i was just watching video tutorials.

then, i started reading about java, shifted to c/c++.

and yeah, i only know the basics. I haven't created my first effin' system yet >.<
+1 Abdullah Nauman · September 12, 2014
Learned C++ at 11
0 Devon Horton · September 11, 2014
My very first experience programming came from DreamMaker language(BYOND) when I was 11 or 12. When I was 14 I moved on to C++ for about a year. Took a year and a half break and I started up again. I programmed primarily in c++ and c# until last December(Then 20, now 21) when I picked up a Java book, then a Android book. Now most of the time I'm programming in Java, doing crap with Android apps.
0 Çağlan Turgut · September 8, 2014
I started with C, dropped it. Then I moved to C# and I created some basic programs for my daily use with Visual Studio GUI Editor but I really don't remember anything! I guess it wasn't a real programming though since using Visual Studios GUI Editor is real easy :). But hey I was 11!

After a long break filled with Web Development and CGI I seriously started learning programming with C++(It was a little hard to start with C++) and done real stuff with it. I'm now 16. I still can't say that I know C++ really well because its huge but now I can create some useful complex programs at least.

I recommend starting off with a simple language like Python. It's easier to understand how programming works with a higher level language.
+3 Adam Karrer · September 8, 2014


I was about 11-12 years old. I had been making websites for a year or two and was curious if there was a way to control the whole computer, not just a website. I stumbled across a tutorial on BASIC and made some very simple programs with it. All downhill from there. :)
0 eltrasimaco el trasimaco · September 8, 2014
( ... maybe someone never heard about cobol ... )

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