First programming language you learned

+10 Yannis Sp · August 31, 2014
Which was your first programming language you learned and when was your first time you got involve with a computer?

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0 Mr. Computer · June 20, 2015
Javascript then Python 
0 Jragon Chan · December 5, 2014
I originally started developing in PHP. Soon after I moved on to C++, then to Ruby and now I'm fiddling with Java. 
0 jan burg · November 9, 2014
Damn I started pretty late, C++ at 15.
0 Andrew Richardson · April 24, 2015
My first that O was taught at college was visual basic 2010. I then went on to do some python 3 and now I'm learning C++ and Java.

I'd really like to learn D but I can't find anything for it. I can't even figure out how to run D in Notepad++.
0 Gary Murphy · August 31, 2014
Mine was BASIC back went I was 8 years old or there abouts.  Wish I had kept it up.
When I was in high school we learned Pascal.  Wish I had kept that up too.
Now I am learning Python 2.7, so it's kind of like starting over and I can consider it my first
now that I'm more serious about what I want to do.
0 Neil Cannon · December 26, 2014
I first started out with Basic on a ZX81.
0 Brandon Rayment · April 26, 2015
I did HTML but I also new python!
0 Devon Horton · September 11, 2014
My very first experience programming came from DreamMaker language(BYOND) when I was 11 or 12. When I was 14 I moved on to C++ for about a year. Took a year and a half break and I started up again. I programmed primarily in c++ and c# until last December(Then 20, now 21) when I picked up a Java book, then a Android book. Now most of the time I'm programming in Java, doing crap with Android apps.
0 Andres Bustillos · April 26, 2015
Visual Basic about 6 or 7 years ago. Never really stuck with it though as I got more interested in Java and C++
0 Nishad Hasan · April 26, 2015
can any one please about this problem?

I am new on programming C. I saw some tutorials. Yesterday my brother give a problem. In here it's friday is holiday. So, he told me that if i give input it's friday, then it says it holiday. Or if i give any other day input the it's give me have to go office. Now i write this code below. but it skip the first if condition.

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