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+6 Aubree Keegan · August 31, 2014
If anyone was wondering about the invite codes, I hope this helps  :)

What is an Invite Code?
BuckysRoom is now invitation only (idk for how long) Whenever a new user signs up for the site, they will need to have an invite code.


Where is my Invite Code?
All current members have invite codes. If you go to your account page (https://buckysroom.org/account.php) it is on the left hand side. If you send this to your friends, they will be able to sign up for BuckysRoom. 


I am not sure if there is a limit on how many invites you can send either. I wouldn't give away too many tho. I think that Bucky is trying to keep the site to a limited amount of users for now  :happy:

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+4 Kaveh Greenwood · August 31, 2014
Thanks for sharing this!

Do you think when someone signs up with an invite code, their sign up goes towards our reputation?
+4 Aubree Keegan · August 31, 2014
Bucky posted somewhere (can't remember where) that he is working on a new formula for the reputation. I think that this was yesterday... and then we had invite codes shortly after. So idk but I would guess that they will probably help your reputation score soon.

Maybe Pere knows?  :wassat:
+1 Çağlan Turgut · August 31, 2014
Yes, it may be connected. Thanks for sharing the instructions :). Anyone knows how does this reputation system works? How are they calculated?I hope this invitation system won't last long.

There are plenty of inactive users too. ... ;)
+2 Source Slayer · August 31, 2014
Ha, sucks for them! Amirite or amirite?
+2 Kaveh Greenwood · August 31, 2014
I posted on my personal FB and website's FB page and got requests to people to join. Hopefully we can use them quite a few times.
+1 Gary Murphy · August 31, 2014
Thanks Aubree.  I was wondering where to get codes from.

Ça?lan, if you click on Search up the top, you'll see all the stats that work towards your reputation.  Just add them up to arrive at your current reputation.
Bucky did mention that he was working on a new algorithm to calculate reputation though, so it will most likely change soon.
0 Gary Murphy · September 3, 2014
I've noticed the invite codes have disappeared from our accounts.  Does this mean anybody is free to join the site now?
I was going to send one to a friend.
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