what do you love about programming?

+7 Samuel Oloruntoba · August 31, 2014
Well for me, i love to code because the feeling of having created something, is awesome.

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+2 Ramanpreet Kaur · August 31, 2014
It is challenging and makes many things easier  :)
+3 JOhaL jaTT · August 31, 2014
to make a perfect logic.
0 Nikola Novakovic · August 31, 2014
The same reason why Jordan loves basketball. :) 
0 Shamal Sandeep · August 31, 2014
It makes me feel I have done something worthy :D
+1 Eugene Botma · August 31, 2014
The freedom to create whatever I can dream of and the stuff i learn while doing so
-1 Mike Stevenson · August 31, 2014
Because I can't imagine stopping learning and because I can build things on my own rather than being a passive user, and this makes me feel good.
0 romeo rows · August 31, 2014
I love programming because I get to create things that is helping people.
+1 Samuel Oloruntoba · August 31, 2014
as i thought, we are all in it for the same reason, NICE
+1 Gary Murphy · August 31, 2014
I love problem solving and programming is pretty much all about finding solutions to problems.
I find it really fulfilling to have an idea and then figure out a way to make it happen.   Especially when you spend hours trying to find out why your code doesn't work, only to suddenly come to a solution.  
The agony and the ecstasy.  It can be so frustrating up until that point, but then ahh.. bliss.  And relief!
Learning more elegant ways of coding is exciting for me too.
+3 Yannis Sp · August 31, 2014
I love programming because you can work from your home,you can have an idea and then see it in your hand and finally you can then share it with the world and help them and make them happy.We are lucky to live in this generation!
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