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+3 Jake Scaife · August 30, 2014
Hi all

I'm looking into setting up some type of ftp server on my home network so that I can access my movies etc from other nodes on the network.. or even through the internet on my domain if I can set up the security for this.
Probably going to set it up using a raspberry pi throughout testing stages.

I'm wondering if anyone can give me any pointers as to how I could go about doing this. I would like to be able to access this through my domain over the internet so that I can watch movies on the go for example. If this isn’t possible without sufficient security then I'm happy for it to stay on my home network.

Ideally I would like to be able to stream the movies.. so I would prefer to not have to download them from the server before watching them.

I have set up apache web servers in the past to test ideas but really have no idea when it comes to FTP (if that’s even what I need to use to achieve this)

I was thinking of using Ubtuntu Server or maybe even just a simple raspberry pi linux distro, but i'm certainly open to suggestions.

Any help is greatly appreciated, been wanting to do this for a while.

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+1 Alex Sweps · September 29, 2014
Im not sure about how you would stream but years and years ago I setup IIS to manage streaming and kinda occidentally did it on Apache when I setup a download server with Ubuntu. 

As for FTP yes you can set it up with sufficient security. What you need to do is enable port forwarding in your home router. What this does is tells the home router that whenever it receives a connection from the Internet going into your home network, check if it is port 21. If it is port 21 then send the packet to your computer running ftp. This is a screenshot of my router with port forwarding to an FTP server:


You can see that External port 21 is mapped to internal IP address and internal port 21. For added security you could set the external port to an uncommon port number like 15380. Then you would connect to your ftp server on port 15380 when your accessing it from the Internet. 

Hope this helps. 
0 Vraj Patel · December 21, 2014
You can use XAMPP server or Filezilla to setup a FTP server, both give options to change the default port. You may port forward it through your router via the port provided or you have set. If you plan to use Linux, you can use SAMBA in order to file share and setting up this will be bit more difficult.

Hope this is helpful.  
0 Matt Bianco · December 23, 2014
So many ways but introduce yourself to the world of XBMC,   


an interesting link

In general access from the internet to your streaming server needs to go through your GATEWAY/Router from the Public side, hence , google Port Forwarding (See previous reply)

Set up friendly name to your server using DNS services such as DYNDNS , mny others, free and paid services

Just a start, good luck.
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