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+1 Jesse Pitman · August 30, 2014
Just wondering what everyone's favorite 3D modeling software is? I'm currently using Blender.

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0 Jesse Pitman · September 7, 2014
Yeah I've had to get into the habit of saving every single thing I do
0 Çağlan Turgut · September 7, 2014
It sometimes crash depending on the computer, OS, version and especially the work.  Sometimes Blender just doesn't like you :).

That is why most of the blender users save every 15 minutes or so :(. But in some cases it has a cure..
0 Predrag Kostic · August 30, 2014
I tried Blender, 3DSMax & Metasequoia. I really liked Metasequoia but it lacks a lot of features the other two have.
0 Çağlan Turgut · August 30, 2014
Mine is blender too. I  love having control over things and doing most of the work using only one program. Others work too but I enjoy using blender and I'm good at blender on the contrary of other popular ones. Maybe that is the reason :) but I think the best part is its lisance and it being open-source!

You can follow the page of Blender on BR from :

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