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+1 Cooper Cecil · August 29, 2014
    <title>Castle, inc </title>
    <style type="text/css">
            background-image:url(Castle logo cropped.pdf);
        background-repeat:no repeat;}

Ok, so I am trying this in Komodo. Its not showing up as a background. At first, I used the image as just an image and it went fine, then I decided I wanted it as a background so I can print text over the top. It is written just like Bucky said...I think. Komodo is saying the colons are not right or something and I get no image. Any help?? Something about a parsing value for background. IDK


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0 Cooper Cecil · August 30, 2014
Update. Although I am able to load jpeg images to the background, I changed the PDF file to Jpeg and it still will not load. I even changed the size and that didn't help either. I wonder if it has some copyright on it or something. But, it worked as a plan old image. IDK
0 Cooper Cecil · August 30, 2014
Isaiah, your way worked! Yeay! I don't remember doing it that way in the tutorial...what gives Bucky?? Lol
0 Cooper Cecil · August 30, 2014
I'm using a mac. I selected the image, then hit "save as" then selected jpg. It has a jpg extension now. I still have the PFD too. I swapped them out of the index file, so the jpg is in the web file.
0 Cooper Cecil · August 30, 2014
Just saving it to my document files. I'm not sure what program you are referring to. Sorry.
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