Anyone wanna build a portfolio page?

+4 Faiz Ahmed Rana · August 29, 2014
Here's an awesome yet simple PHP script to make your own editable portfolio page.
You can create, read, update and delete stuff from your page via admin panel. 

Github Project:

For more information, questions, features or problems contact me at Skype ( faizahmed115 ) or at my email ( )

-- developed by me

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0 Sergio Mironescu · September 1, 2014
Why can't you make it private repository? Or you want it public? I can help you out (have some idea on mind, fetures of what to implement). See you on skype!!
0 Daniel Collier · September 1, 2014
isnt this what that group project was doing ?
0 Faiz Ahmed Rana · September 2, 2014
I know I can make private repo but I want to make it public.... :)
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