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+2 Brandon Ragoo · August 29, 2014
Hey, ppl I was wondering if I could get some advice from you all on a task I wish to accomplish. So I want to create a website or more precisely a web app. I want it to be like a online TV guide where you can browse through and see all the movies I have in my movie/tv series collection on my pc and also get information about the shows. I even want it to do much more and have a link which you can simply click to access the movie / tv show on my pc and watch it in the web browser. How exactly do I accomplish this task?  and which programming languages should I learn ? 

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+3 Predrag Kostic · August 29, 2014
I don't know how you'd accomplish that, but you'd have to learn XHTML & CSS, JavaScript, HTML5 and then you have a choice of PHP, Java etc.
+3 Brendon McBain · August 29, 2014

The best language for this would be PHP because of it's ability to easily communicate with a database. You should learn all about databases, because you want to store information about different movies so that it can be outputted onto your web application. You're going to have to put those files onto a server (that will require having bought an unlimited hosting plan to carry your big movie files). Once you have linked your movie file destinations with your database table, and have written descriptions and other information for the movie, you can then output all of this information using databases in PHP. Another note, when displaying the movies, you're going to need a JavaScript plugin of sorts that can play your videos.

Tell me how it goes!
+1 Brandon Ragoo · August 29, 2014
well thanks for the advice ppl already learnt XHTML and CSS still got a lot to learn before I accomplish my task. 8-)
+2 Kaveh Greenwood · August 30, 2014
Sounds interesting but daunting to your network. Good luck!
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