BuckysRoom Update - 8/27/14

+9 Bucky Roberts · August 28, 2014
There are two more big changes that we have been working on for BuckysRoom. Once they are complete, there will be no more new features for some time. Instead we will be focusing solely on fixing bugs, site performance, and improving already existing code. The first main feature is the ability to now sell Digital Goods in the Shop section.

We are testing it out now, so expect bugs, but you can sell Digital Goods such as website templates, source code, photos, scripts, and more in the Shop section. I thought that it would be a cool idea to give users a way to earn Bitcoin for any projects they are working on. This way, any cool programs you make or scripts that you have developed can now be used to generate revenue.

The other feature we are working on is just something that I think will make BuckysRoom a lot more fun. It won't earn you any money, just a cool and interesting feature that I think you all will enjoy  :)

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+3 Bucky Roberts · August 29, 2014
Yep Predrag, sprite sheets, psd templates, illustrations, logos. They are all fine. There are still a few small bugs we are working on, but users are able to upload items now. 
+3 Saurabh patel · August 29, 2014
omg, my reputation is 1 :O
+1 Saurabh patel · August 29, 2014
will it give us bitcoin, if we have more reputation?  or it just shows our popularity here ..
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