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+1 Ramanpreet Kaur · August 27, 2014
Hello everyone. My friend told me about this site a while ago, just wanted to say hi!

I am learning web development now. I want to get a job in web design and making websites. Does anyone know if it is very hard to get a job in this?

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+1 Gary Murphy · August 27, 2014
Hi Ramanpreet,

Apparently there is good money in web development and you shouldn't have too much trouble finding work from what I've been told.  Depends if you want to freelance or work for a company of some kind.  
From what I hear, what you're better off doing is, rather than simply selling someone a website, sell them a package (website, business cards, logo, etc) and look after the hosting for them.  Most people want easy solutions and if you can provide it for them, they'll be willing to pay big money to have it all taken care of.

Good luck!
+2 Saurabh patel · August 27, 2014
I am also in the same way, it will better to get your registration on "www.naukri.com "  this site, u'll find scope for web devolopement in whole country,
just search which language scope is more in your area company prefers ..
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