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+3 Tommy Hillis · August 27, 2014
When you buy a 3D printer, do they come with own software to made models specifically for that printer? Or do you use models from other programs like 3Ds Max and Blender? If anyone ever used a 3D printer before, I would love to hear about the experience!

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+1 Gary Murphy · September 13, 2014
That's awesome Alex.  Thanks for that.
+2 Eugene Botma · August 28, 2014
Most 3d printers are compatible with multiple model formats. The info can usually be found on the printer specification page.
0 Gary Murphy · August 28, 2014
Not completely sure myself, I don't think so, but like Predrag said, I'm sure any 3d modelling software should do.
I'm actually getting a 3d printer soon (maybe 6 months away.  Kickstarter backer), so I will eventually find out.
Maybe Bucky can do some tutorials on 3d pinting?  Hmm?  Bucky?  :P
+1 Predrag Kostic · August 28, 2014
I'm not completely sure, but I think you can print anything made from any 3D modeling program and if not you can probably go around it somehow converting the file.
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