An IDE of Python is necessary for beginners..!??

0 Pratik Patel · August 27, 2014
hello guys..,
for Python Beginners, an IDE is really necessary or Python GUI is enough for initial level..??

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+2 Bucky Roberts · August 27, 2014
I would highly recommend using an IDE, even if you are a beginner. They actually very easy to use, and make learning Python a lot easier in my opinion. If you try to code anything longer than a few lines of code in the IDLE, it can get very confusing. Download PyCharm, you won't regret it  :)
+1 Gary Murphy · August 27, 2014
I agree.  There are a lot of benefits to using an IDE, especially if you're a beginner.  All of your code is right there in front of you and you can make changes to it easily.
I'd only use IDLE to test short lines of code, but even then its just as easy to use an IDE.  PyCharm is a great one to use and happens to be the one Bucky uses in his tutorials, so it's easy to follow along.
I'd also recommend using Python Tutor in your browser to test blocks of code.  It can't handle more than 100 lines or so I think, but it walks you through your code step-by-step so you can see what's happening as it happens.  Really helpful when things don't go as expected and you have no idea why.
You can use it at   :)
0 Pratik Patel · August 27, 2014
Thank U very much for telling me..thanx again bucky n gary..

@bucky, Gary : i wached all 43 vids for wats d next level tutorial for coding/programming..??

can u share d link..??

0 Yoncho Yonchev · August 27, 2014
Well, there is good plugin for Python on Eclipse. Eclipse is quite good IDE and I am quite familiar with it hot keys, menus, options. I can work blazing fast without even looking at the keyboard. Even with that I prefer Sublime Text 3 for Python. There is no reason to wait 2-3 minutes to wait your IDE to load for 5 minute script. IDEs usually done tone of things for you and you get used to it too much. So in general the good programmers on scripting language like Python dont use IDE- your question now is vim vs SublimeText :angel:
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